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Projection Talents Honduras

Here is some information for an organization Las Verandas has been a proud donor of for the last three years.

Initiated October 3, 2008, in the city of La Lima, Cortés Honduras Projection Talents Honduras known as PTH: its mission is to develop youth in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, and humanitarian development, fostering in them positive values creating a spirit of perseverance and entrepreneurship in the areas of social inclusion, education, health, and environment, and being an instrument of volunteering for the benefit of their families, communities, and positive impact for the nation.


  • Art education and talent development.
  • Poverty reduction.
  • Psychological approach to transforming lives.
  • Cultural and sports development.
  • Rights and equality.
  • Community development.
  • Formation of moral and family values.
  • Development of entrepreneurship and social inclusion projects.


VALORES JUVENTUD Program: An initiative created by PTH the academy to develop life changes and form human moral values in each talent in social risk, family problems or psychological points, supporting them with their life transformation through a psychology plan and motivation to create In them, leadership, security, good self-esteem, and individual sustainability to generate an impact of the transformation of life in them from the internal part of each young person and a change of image of the external part as well as the preparation for their good expression and development in the society.

DIAMANTE ENTREPRENEURING Program: It is the program that the PTH academy develops in its annual activities to develop future social entrepreneur leaders in different communities with different projects, each young person receives workshops and induction on how to create a project, an entrepreneur to help others or a campaign of education on the issues of social inclusion, education, environment, health, and volunteering. This is possible thanks to our advisors and year after year projects have been created that have benefited the good of their communities and families from different parts of Honduras that these young people come from and enter the projection of Honduran talents.

¨ WE ARE A VOLUNTEER INSTRUMENT FOR SOCIAL AND CHARITY WORKS ¨. We support any foundation, initiative, and project that is positive and transparent and asks us for help to develop a positive and hopeful developing country.

To learn more about this organization visit their Facebook page.

Contact them by phone +504 3188-4042 or email: [email protected].

Las Verandas Sponsorship of Kids Soccer Team Uniforms

Las Verandas has recently sponsored two kid’s division soccer teams with their Uniforms. The teams are the Selection from the Municipal of Santos Guardiola on the East side of the Island of Roatan called the U10 and U12 divisions who will be traveling to Miami, FL October 6th-13th, 2018 to play in the Miami Soccer Cup.

The Gift of Giving Medical Care in Roatan

At Las Verandas we believe in giving back to our community, which is why we have created a donation program to benefit Roatan’s, Clinica Esperanza.

Clinica Esperanza provides medical treatment at a low cost or no cost at all under the premise that medical care is a basic human right. Serving over 65,000 patients, it is one of the premier healthcare centers in Central America. A few of the services provided by the clinic include walk-in doctor’s visits, prenatal and pediatric services, dentistry, a pharmacy, and community education programs. As a non-profit organization, Clinica Esperanza relies on donations for its operations.

Your donation is very much appreciated to help meet the clinic’s needs, this is not mandatory, and our front desk staff will ask at check out if you would like to leave the calculated donation or any amount you authorize. You may opt-out, agree to the amount, or alter it to be more or less—it is completely up to you.

If you would like to read more about Clinica Esperanza or make a direct donation, please visit their website at

We thank you for your participation in this program and for helping our community in such a vital way.